Facial Treatments

A super toned and voluptuous body, but want to get a charming face too? Your face is your identity and we are sure you don’t want to leave a chance to get it all the more amazing. Just like your body, your face needs nourishment and regular care-taking. We at Four Seasons Beauty have a wide range of facials, for all skin kinds, according to your skin tone, texture and requirement. A good professional facial lets your face skin breath; it removes the deeply resting impurities and dirt from your skin and freshens up the layers of the skin by drifting away all the dead cells. The skin starts getting the proper nourishment through the herbal and nutritious facial products. The pores get deep cleaned and the oxygen starts entering the face cells which brightens up the skin and help in removing dirt, pollution impurities, marks and pigmentation.  The brands are all world class with a soothing and a relaxing ambience to enjoy and make the most of your facial process.


  • Deep Cleanse Facial – A deeply exfoliation facial that removes all the dead skin cells and improve the skin texture and complexion. Recommended for all skin types. – 45 minutes


  • Purifying Facial – This deep cleansing facial provides excellent results for breakouts on the face and chest including steam and extractions. Recommended for oily, dehydrated and acne prone skin. – 45 minutes


  • Four Seasons Beauty Signature Facial – This facial is designed for all skin types including
    • Deep Cleansing
    • Eye brow Shape (threading or waxing)
    • Eye Lash Tint or Eye Treatment
    • Deep Exfoliation
    • Vapour and Oxygenation
    • Massage on Face, De’colletage and Scalp
    • Hydration and Oxygen Mask
    • Heavenly Hand and Foot Massage- 90 minutes


  • Fresh Fruit Facial:
    Indulge your skin with freshly squeezed fruit facial. Fruits contain a large quantity of fruit acids (AHA,BHA) vitamins (Antioxidants) and enzymes, when applied to the skin have a powerful exfoliating cause that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing. – 45 minutes


  • Herbal and Organic Facials:
    Beautify your skin with 100% natural way without adding any harsh chemicals, additives and any other ingredients.

      • 24 Carat Gold Facial (VLCC, Shahnaz Herbal and Kaya)
      • Pearl Facial (VLCC, Shahnaz Herbal and Kaya)
      • Silver Facial (VLCC, Shahnaz Herbal and Kaya)  60 minutes